Abdominal Cupping

Have you tried abdominal cupping yet? Cupping therapy is extremely beneficial, especially when applied to the abdomen (A.K.A. the “emotional library”). The abdominal area is where we commonly hold on to stress, emotions, trauma, and unwanted toxins. This toxicity has been linked to many common ailments, and may imply the need to detoxify.

Common issues that indicate the need for detoxification:

*acne/skin issues





*bad breath/body odor

*brain fog/poor concentration

*chronic fatigue




*difficult weight loss

*distended abdomen

*food cravings

*frequent colds







*menstrual problems

*prostate problems

& more!

Benefits of abdominal cupping:

*removes physcial blockages in digestive tract, as well as emotional/energetic blockages

*helps regulate digestion/waste processes


*relieves muscular tension of the abdominals and hip flexors

*aids in digestion by stimulating peristalsis (contraction for digestion and secretion of digestive fluids)

*increases nutrient absorption

*overall improvements to chronic gastrointestinal disorders

What we consume also has a huge impact on our gut health and digestive health. Most diets are very mucoid-forming. Mucoid plaque forms in the colon and our digestive fluids are sometimes not enough to successfully rid the system of excess plaque. Layers of plaque buildup can compact and harden and cause colon toxicity, causing health issues. As a result, poisons are seeping into our bloodstream and eventually to all other areas of the body. If you consume, or have ever consumed, meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, sugar, processed food of any kind, chocolate, caffeine, soft drinks, or alcohol, then you will certainly have mucoid plaque and could benefit from abdominal massage, cupping, and detoxification. This cleansing process is helpful because you not only clean up your internal sewer system, but in the process of doing so, all manner of emotional issues which may be “buried” can come to the surface to be processed and released. It is in the emotional combined with the physical resolution, that true healing occurs!

Indigo Massage Therapy’s Abdominal Cupping Treatment is a 30 min service and can be booked alone, or added to a 30 or 60 minute massage. Call or text Katie (Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Cupping Therapist) to book your appointment today; your body will thank you!

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