What to Expect

Indigo Massage Therapy

Katie Brock, LMT, CCT, CVST


7917 Santa Fe Drive

Overland Park, KS, 66204

December 22, 2018

Booked Your First Massage? Here’s What To Expect!

It’s normal to be both excited and nervous for your first massage therapy session or your first session with a new massage therapist. Once you arrive and meet your therapist you will most likely lose your nerves and begin to relax for your session. Although every massage therapist is different and no session is identical, there are some key components that you can be sure to look for. Knowing what to expect will make your first session less intimidating!

Relaxing Environment

You can expect to see a relaxing treatment room with soft lighting, soothing music, and a comfortable massage table to lay on.


An intake form reviewing your health, previous injuries, surgeries, or health concerns will be ready for you to fill out. You will consult with your massage therapist about your goals for the session such as tension relief, increased range of motion, stress relief, etc. Together you will decide the best treatment option to suit your needs.

Massage Session & Post-session

Your massage therapist will instruct how they would like you to position yourself on the table, and they will step out to allow you to undress. You can undress to your level of comfort. Some clients take everything off and others leave some clothing on. Only the area of the body being worked on at the time will be uncovered. Cream or oil will be used with various massage modalities to reach the goals of the session. There is never any judgement from a massage therapist so please don’t ever worry about your body in any way!

Communication between you and your massage therapist is crucial to your experience and your results. If the pressure needs to be adjusted or anything is uncomfortable in any way, it is up to you to let your therapist know. Your comfort is your massage therapist’s priority so don’t hesitate to communicate your needs!

While certain problem areas on the body are being worked on, you might experience slight discomfort but it should not reach the level of pain. After the session is over your massage therapist will leave the room and you can slowly get up and dressed. You will probably be reminded to stay extra hydrated that day, as it is especially important after a massage. Always keep in mind that the massage might bring some soreness felt later in the day or the following day. Typically it feels similar to how your muscles may feel after a workout. Staying hydrated, stretching, and even taking an Epsom salt soak will relieve this soreness.

Payment will be taken at check-out after the session. Standard rate for gratuity is 20% of the service, but it is never expected! Feel free to ask your massage therapist any suggested stretches or exercises to help correct any issues or imbalances they may have found during the session.

After your first session you will have a reference to decide how the next session can be adjusted to be of better help to you, and how often it is recommended to continue massage treatments. Enjoy your massage! Once you try massage therapy you will wish you’d tried it sooner! If your session was lacking or it didn’t seem like the right fit, don’t give up; try booking with another massage therapist until you find someone who works best for you!