All-inclusive Service Menu

All-inclusive services allow for each session to be fully customized to meet unique needs and creates a personal therapeutic experience, with no extra charge for "upgrades". Each time you come in you decide what you’d like to incorporate into your session, knowing the price will always be the same.

30 Minute Session $55

60 Minute Session $85

90 Minute Session $115

120 Minute Massage $165 - excludes first-time clients

Options to include in your service:

Hot Stones

(Light-medium pressure massage) Warm basalt massage stones are used as a tool along with my hands throughout the massage to ease muscular tension, allowing deeper and longer-lasting relaxation.

CBD Massage

High-quality CBD will be applied topically on trouble areas to reduce pain and inflammation.

Energy Balancing

Includes a full assessment of each of our 7 chakras (energy centers) before and after session with a personalized chart to take home. Crystals, vibration, and sound are used to tune each chakra to its proper frequency for optimal function.

Cupping Therapy

(Light-medium-deep tissue) This traditional Chinese method uses negative pressure to detoxify the tissue, increase blood flow, relieve tension/restrictions, improve overall energy, health, and function. We can typically address 1-2 areas per 30 minutes. I have been certified in Cupping Therapy since February 2018.

Cupping Therapy Options Below:

Facial Cupping Treatment

Gentle cupping reduces puffiness, drains lymph and sinuses, reduces wrinkles, increases collagen/elastin, relaxes muscles of the face. Includes aromatherapy, warm towels and healing jade stones. Great for relieving headache, sinus issues, and TMJD.

Abdominal Cupping Treatment

Cups are used to help increase nutrient absorption, aid in healthy digestion and detoxification. 9/10 clients with sluggish digestion notice improvement within 24 hours after this service!

Cellulite Reduction Treatment

 Includes sugar scrub exfoliation, cupping therapy to aid in lymph drainage and increased circulation, gentle massage is facilitated with an anti-cellulite topical. Take home complimentary exfoliation gloves with each service. 

Prenatal Massage

Typically side-lying position depending on comfort, for women after the first trimester of pregnancy. 

Body Smoothing Treatment

Nourishing cleanser is applied to the body with exfoliating gloves to reduce dead skin and aid circulation. Take home complimentary exfoliating gloves with each service. 


Essential oils are used throughout the session to allow the client to receive healing benefits. 

Facial Treatment

Warm aromatherapy towels and facial massage are used to relax muscular tension in the face and scalp, acupressure to relieve sinus issues. Optional cooling jade stone rollers.

Foot Treatment

soothe tired rough feet with exfoliating scrub, and warm towel moisturizing foot massage.

Chair Massage

Provided offsite; such as events, parties, offices, etc.